Can You Fix Your Car Park's Potholes in Winter?

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In an ideal world, you'll do most maintenance work on an asphalt car park surface in warmer weather. Typically, you don't work with asphalt in cold seasons.

If your car park has developed some potholes, then you might be worried that you can't repair them right now as the weather is too cold. In the past, contractors might have recommended that you delay asphalt repairs until the summer. However, there is another option now. A cold mix asphalt works well in winter weather. How does this product work and why should you use it to fix your potholes now?

What Is Cold Mix Asphalt?

Standard asphalt doesn't always work well in colder weather. It is usually put down in warmer months. The asphalt needs to stay hot for a set amount of time to be laid effectively, and it often cools down too quickly in cold weather. So, this kind of asphalt will have problems setting. It is also harder to mix and seal. Any repairs you might make may not work so well in the long-term.

However, you may get a quicker fix if you use a cold mix asphalt. This product uses an emulsifying agent to change its properties. It becomes less sticky which makes it easier to work with. The emulsifier stops working as the asphalt goes into place, allowing it to set and harden more effectively.

Why Use Cold Mix Asphalt Now?

Rather than wait until the weather warms up, it may pay to go for a winter repair. Your potholes may be manageable now, but they could get a lot worse after a few months. A pothole breaks the integrity of a surface. As the hole develops, it opens up the inside of the asphalt. As well as damaging areas around the hole itself, the open areas become exposed.

Cold weather and rain can make the damage spread. For example, if rain gets in the pothole, then it will spread through to the base. It will then build up and push up other parts of the surface. Typically, this creates cracks or even more potholes. Cold mix asphalt is a good fix for small areas of damage at any time of year. It can fill potholes and bond with the surrounding surface.

If you make repairs now, you'll potentially save money. If your current problem spreads, the ultimate repair will be more expensive. To find out more about your options, talk to asphalt specialists.

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