Choosing a Commercial Concrete Pumping Company

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If you have a construction project, you might need concrete pumping services. Concrete pumping is the process of transferring liquid concrete from a truck or trailer onto a surface with the help of a pump. It is mostly used to make work easier and quicker.

There are two kinds of concrete pumping processes. The first is referred to as the boom concrete pump method. This method uses a computerised or remote-operated method of pumping concrete. An articulating arm is directed where concrete needs to be pumped via remote control. This method is accurate, efficient, effective and fast; it is the most recommended method for large projects.

The second method is referred to as the line pump method. This method uses flexible or steel hoses manually attached to the trailer or truck, which are then led to where the concrete needs to be pumped. The line pump method is suitable for smaller projects because it can be quite a lot of work if used for larger projects, taking plenty of time with lower levels of accuracy.

Here's what you need to know when choosing a commercial concrete pumping company.

Ensure You Hire a Commercial Concrete Pumping Company

Most commercial construction projects are usually large-scale and might require the use of the boom concrete method. Residential concrete companies may only have equipment for the line pump method, meaning you maybe can't expect quality commercial concrete pumping work to be done by a residential concrete pumping company.

Additionally, the uses of commercial buildings are different from the uses of residential buildings. Residential concrete pumping companies might not have the experience, skills or qualifications required to handle commercial concrete projects.

What Kind of Commercial Concrete Pumping Project Do You Have?

When choosing a commercial concrete pumping company, ensure that it has provided concrete pumping services for a similar project to yours. It indicates that the company has the experience needed and knows what it is doing.

Training of Employees and Qualifications

What qualifications do the commercial concrete pumping company's employees have? Do they hold documents and licences permitting them to operate concrete pumping trailers and trucks? Have they undergone an OHS (Occupational Health and Safety) course? Do they conduct themselves in a professional, skilful and experienced manner?

Uniformed Staff

If the employees of a commercial concrete pumping company wear uniforms, you can be certain that you will get quality services. A company that is proud and sure of its employees in such a way that it lets them wear uniforms that represent the company indicates that the employees are qualified and competent.

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