Is Concrete Pumping Really Economical?

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Concrete pumping is the process of transferring liquid concrete to an allocated surface. The most commonly used pumps are the line and the boom concrete pump. The line pump is used on relatively small operations such as ground floors of buildings, sidewalks, single-family units and swimming pools. Flexible hoses are manually attached to the machine's outlet for concrete placement. The pump is mounted on a trailer or a truck.  

On the other hand, boom pumps are suitable for more extensive and complicated concrete placements. The pump is placed on bigger trucks or semi-trailers. The pump uses a robot-controlled arm to place massive volumes of concrete much faster. Other pumps include skid and rail mounted concrete pumps, but they are rarely used unless on specialised jobs such as in tunnels and mines. 

How Much Time Does it Take?

Everyone wants a process that will save them time and money. Concrete pumping is generally faster and can save more time than it would have taken to do the work manually. You also use fewer workers. Without a pump, a job might require several hours of work from multiple employees. A pump can handle the same workload in less time while requiring less manpower. When manually done, workers use wheelbarrows or cranes to load the concrete then manually place it wherever needed. This can take a lot of time, especially when you have deadlines to meet.

It is Less Expensive

Considering the amount of time you save and the fewer workers you need, concrete pumping is the way to go. You get to employ fewer workers, or you free them up to attend to other construction duties. You do not have to own a pump but can hire one only when needed. This can be done on an hourly rate. Additionally, it can be hard to find qualified constructions workers, but with this process, you only need to hire a few.

Better results

Pump placed concrete is more precise than manual placement. Also, for difficult to reach areas, the pump makes a better choice. With high accuracy levels, you benefit from less material wastage. It is also quite convenient because there is more accessibility. Concrete placed using pumps is generally more robust and reduces the chances of cracking. It also requires less water. Overall, it gives better results and stays robust for longer. Its maintenance is cheaper and less demanding. This process is also safer for construction workers. 

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