Concrete Sealing Advantages

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Exterior concrete surfaces such as those on driveways and around decks and patios are exposed to harsh elements of weather on a daily basis. This is in addition to being exposed to constant traffic. For this reason, concrete on exterior surfaces must be sealed in order to protect it from premature damage.

However, this is not to say that concrete sealing is only necessary for exterior surfaces. The several advantages associated with sealing concrete are discussed in the article below.

Mould-Related Issues

One of the main reasons why it is a good idea to seal concrete surfaces is the fact that it helps to prevent the growth and occurrence of mould on concrete surfaces.

The occurrence of mould on unsealed concrete is a common occurrence because concrete is inherently porous. Therefore, it readily absorbs water and moisture from the environment.

The presence of water or moisture within the structure of concrete surfaces is the sole reason why the occurrence of mould is relatively common on concrete. Mould needs water to grow and its presence on concrete surfaces make these surfaces an attractive habitat.

The fact that concrete sealing helps to prevent the occurrence of mould is sufficient reason to have interior concrete surfaces sealed as well. This is especially important for areas where concrete is constantly exposed to wetness such as the bathroom.

Longer Lifespan

Sealed concrete is known to have a longer lifespan than unsealed concrete when used on interior or exterior surfaces. This is because the sealing materials offer additional protection. For example, because sealing helps to reduce the porosity of concrete, a well-sealed concrete driveway is less likely to suffer water damage as compared to an unsealed concrete driveway.

Also, sealing concrete increases the structural strength of concrete thereby making it more resistant to impact from foot traffic which could cause defects on the concrete surface in question.

For both these reasons, sealing concrete does a lot of good for the durability of concrete surfaces.


Lastly, concrete sealing is important for the aesthetic value of concrete surfaces. There are decorative concrete sealers in the market that come in a wide variety of colours which improve the kind of finish that your concrete surface will end up with eventually.

Considering that concrete sealers and the entire concrete sealing process is quite affordable, there is no reason for you to have an unsealed concrete surface whether interior or exterior.

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