Why Concrete Pavers Are The Perfect Choice For A New Backyard Patio

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Do You Need to Assess the Concrete Around Your Property? Many modern homes contain concrete. However, if you haven't been carrying out regular assessments and inspections of the material, you have no idea if it has been compromised by corrosion or other types of damage. This blog is here to provide you with lots of useful info which will help you to check on the condition of the concrete around your home and to develop a good understanding of the different ways it can be repaired. I'm not a professional contractor but I have been learning all I can about concrete and I would like to share my new-found knowledge with the rest of the world.



If you have a large, grassy area at the back of your property and want to convert it into an all-weather entertainment area, you'll be considering your choice of flooring. Certainly, you can simply pour concrete or hardstanding, but that's not particularly alluring, and you'll want to consider something that is more aesthetically pleasing. Somebody may have told you to look at concrete pavers instead. So what are the advantages, and when it comes to maintenance, how will these fair in the long run?

Sensible Investment

When it comes to an upfront budget, you will likely need more cash to invest in concrete pavers than you would in simple concrete. It will probably cost more per square metre in materials and would typically take longer than straightforward concrete, but you may find that this solution retains its value over the long haul and may be considered a good investment. Don't forget that your work here could add to the property's intrinsic value and help you get a better price when it comes time to sell.

Handling Repairs

Repairs are relatively simple if you choose high-quality pavers and get them installed correctly in the first place. After all, it should be possible to remove and replace individual pavers if they are damaged or carry out a spot repair. It's quite difficult to repair a section of poured concrete, and those permanent hardscapes are also more susceptible to weather damage or shifting soils underneath.

Dealing With Weeds

If you want to avoid the ever-present threat of weeds, you need to take a two-step approach. To begin with, ensure that the pavers are correctly installed and that the contractors use polymer sand in between the joints. After all, if the joints are correctly configured, then it'll be much more difficult for the weeds to penetrate. Secondly, use an organic weed killer and spray all the joints from time to time and in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. If you follow this type of process, then you are much less likely to worry about weeds.

Professional Installation

Also, it's important to install your pavers correctly at the outset. This multistep process involves grading, compaction, several layers of base, sanding, bonding and topsand. It's certainly possible to do this yourself, but it is far better to outsource the work to an experienced paving contractor so that you don't run into problems with heaving sometime down the road. 

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