Is Asphalt Resurfacing Simply For Cosmetic Purposes?

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Whether you have a winding driveway or a short one that leads directly from your gates to the garage, you can agree that this structure is a crucial part of your residence. From a secure area to park your vehicle to an entertainment area when you have guests, your driveway can be multifunctional. And when it comes to aesthetic appeal, asphalt driveways have steadily taken over the properties of many an Australian homeowner since due to their visual appeal.

With time, though, the asphalt surface will acquire some damage, such as cracks and oxidation. When this happens, it is essential to hire a contractor to resurface the driveway and prevent further degradation. If you have been under the impression that asphalt resurfacing is simply for cosmetic purposes, consider these reasons why it is not.

Maintain the safety of your property

When the surface of the asphalt has started to deteriorate, the cracks progressively transform into depressions on the driveway. These cracks, depressions and general unevenness of the asphalt make your driveway prime for slip-and-fall accidents. If one of your kids ends up acquiring a serious injury due to a bad fall, you could end up paying for medical expenses that you had not budgeted for. Worse yet, a hostile neighbour that falls on the driveway could sue you for their injuries! By having the asphalt resurfaced when it begins to succumb to damage, you are proactively maintaining the safety of your property.

Extend the longevity of your driveway

Most homeowners, admittedly, are looking for ways to save money, even when it comes to the maintenance of their houses. Thus, some individuals may be thinking that the longer they put off asphalt resurfacing, the more money they will be saving in the long term. This is a grossly inaccurate assumption. When the damages to the asphalt are left alone, they will gradually worsen, which compromises the integrity of your driveway even more. The worse the damage, the higher the chance that you may need to replace the driveway altogether. With asphalt resurfacing, you are keeping additional damages at bay. Hence, you will not have to resurface your driveway or seek regular repairs. With resurfacing, you extend the longevity of your driveway while making sure that your residence's maintenance expenses remain manageable.

Eliminate the risk of over-sealing

Asphalt driveways need to be sealed once they are installed and resealed on a schedule after that to ensure that the driveway is protected from UV rays and moisture. If you are sticking to your resealing schedule but have not sought asphalt resurfacing to eliminate surface damage, you stand the risk of over-sealing the driveway, which leads to deep cracks in the surface. With resurfacing, you eliminate this risk since you are only sealing a fresh layer of the asphalt.

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