Ideas For Making A Concrete Paver Patio Look Rustic

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If you want to create a rustic patio using concrete pavers, you just need to choose the right options. Here are several tips.

The Paver Size, Shape and Pattern

What's important when generating a rustic aesthetic is to create irregularity and a sense of nature. If you choose large square pavers of a uniform size for the patio, it will tend to appear modern because of the sleek and minimal design. The pavers will look like they've emerged from a factory, which is ideal for a contemporary look with precise and uniform lines.

If you want a rustic vibe, go in the opposite direction to give the patio design irregularity so it feels natural. For example, create an ashlar design that is made from square and rectangular pavers set in a pattern. The pavers are varied in size, and when laid together, they form a more detailed and random design.

A basketweave pattern is another style to consider. This paving consists of brick-shaped pavers that are set in pairs facing alternate directions. This design is better described as busy and charming rather than minimal. Concrete pavers can be coloured in brick tones as well. Another rustic look can be created with wavy-edged interlocking pavers.

The Paver Colour and Finish

The colour and finish of the pavers are also important for the look you want to create. Hues like tan, grey and terracotta are natural colours that are in keeping with a rustic feel. On the other hand, dark charcoal is often associated with a contemporary look, so it might be a colour to avoid.

A sense of texture and age is another key feature of a rustic aesthetic. Pavers with grooves, indents and tumbled edges will give the impression they've been in the landscape for many years. On the other hand, smooth, straight pavers with crisp edges can seem brand new.

A benefit of concrete pavers is that they can be treated to copy other substances, such as slate, brick and limestone. Thus, you can disguise the nature of the concrete and make it look natural while enjoying its strength and durability.

Charming Additional Features

Additional features will add charm to the patio. One option is to design a paved border using a different colour or shape. Or you can create simple edging for a path with square or rectangle pavers that have a rough-hewn look. Other ideas are to construct a seat or a low wall that looks like stone.

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