Situations To Consider Spray On Concrete Around The Home

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If faded or stained concrete around your home is starting to bug you every time you notice it, you might be on the lookout for a fix that won't cause too much disruption. Rather than ripping up and replacing these surfaces, you could hire contractors to apply a spray-on concrete layer over the top. Here are three situations where you might consider such an upgrade.

Old, Faded Patios And Pool Decks

Lounging around on a patio or pool deck provides a sense of luxury and comfort. However, discoloured and tarnished flooring detracts from the experience. Spray-on concrete can refresh these areas without you having to underdo the expanse and inconvenience of an entirely new floor. Contractors use a spray gun to apply a hard and durable cementitious material over the top. You could apply one uniform hue, or else combine stencils and various pigments to generate diverse patterns. Without the significant disruption of turning your yard into a virtual construction site, you'll be able to enjoy the beauty of your new outdoor areas relatively quickly and easily. 

Stained Concrete Driveways

Once a driveway becomes stained with rust or oil from car leaks, the grimy concrete becomes an eyesore. Covering it in a spray-on cement layer will enhance the appearance of the entire facade of your home. Despite its thin application, these covers of polymer modified cement create extremely tough and durable surfaces, perfect for carrying the load of weighty vehicles. Additionally—often containing extra sand within their mixture—spray on concrete creates a gritty safe non-slip surface. This will make your driveway more dependable for everyone using it during heavy rain.

Mundane Concrete Surfaces

Another situation ripe for a spray-on coating is when your creativity is craving expression, and it's faced with a mundane patio or path design. These treatments allow you to incorporate fresh colours and patterns into the concrete. You could cover the entire area with a vibrant uniform pigment. Alternatively, to replicate the appearance of pavers, contractors can apply a base coat in a look-alike-grout colour, a light grey, for instance. After some time, they then place a stencil over the area and respray it with a second hue, which could be dark charcoal as an example. Thus, your beautiful new flooring will mimic grey pavers with grout lines. Or else, you might prefer a warmer aesthetic that replicates terracotta tiles. With spray-on techniques, you'll have such an overabundance of attractive design options that it will be hard to pick one. 

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