Reasons To Install Exposed Aggregate Around Your Home

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Decorating your outdoor areas poses a design challenge. Out of the vast array of decorative concrete treatments, which do you choose to beautify your landscape? Each might have their specific benefits, but to discover the advantages of exposed aggregate, in particular, read on.

Extra Durable

Concrete provides an extremely tough surface, but over time, it can wear down due to traffic or erosion. During the installation of exposed aggregate, though, contractors evenly remove the top cement layer to reveal the decorative elements within. This reduces the likelihood of the concrete flaking off or spalling occurring in the future. Thus, exposed aggregate provides an ultra-durable option that will likely experience less wear and tear than many other concrete surfaces.

Colourful Options

Instead of dulling the senses with plain grey concrete across your patio or pool, you can cover these areas with colourful exposed aggregate. Make use of beautiful organic hues within nature by adding pieces of pink quartz, blue granite or earthy, sandy river stones. Otherwise, incorporate coloured glass or seashells to spread lovely tones across your hardscape. The aggregates are not the only means for adding colour. Contractors can add pigments to the cement mix between the decorative pieces, or they can apply stains over the solid concrete to set off chemical reactions that generate multitoned effects. 

Harmonises With Other Techniques

No law says you can't combine exposed aggregate with other types of decorative concrete. In fact, doing so will create a range of beautiful effects. For instance, you could lay a stamped border of faux pavers along either side of an exposed aggregate driveway. Around a pool deck, you might artistically combine a glimmering surface of beautiful stones with flat sections of concrete, designing in visual interest and contrast. Once you consider all the techniques and surfaces you could marry together, your range of design options amplifies. 

Non-Slip Surface

With its rough texture, exposed aggregate creates non-slip surfaces for pool areas and other outdoor spaces that experience rainfall. Thus, your family and friends can walk in these areas more securely and safely no matter what the weather or conditions. Rounded river stones form smoother surfaces, while more angular crushed stones increase the dimension of the overall surface with more ups and downs. Sandblasting treatments roughen the overall exposed aggregate still more; however, this technique can dull the hues of natural stones and other decorative elements at the same time. 

To learn more about exposed aggregate concrete, contact concrete contractors in your area.

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