Ways Polished Concrete Can Make Life Easier

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Do You Need to Assess the Concrete Around Your Property? Many modern homes contain concrete. However, if you haven't been carrying out regular assessments and inspections of the material, you have no idea if it has been compromised by corrosion or other types of damage. This blog is here to provide you with lots of useful info which will help you to check on the condition of the concrete around your home and to develop a good understanding of the different ways it can be repaired. I'm not a professional contractor but I have been learning all I can about concrete and I would like to share my new-found knowledge with the rest of the world.



Many types of flooring materials may look beautiful, but when it comes to living with them day to day, you find you have to take extra care to avoid spills or to undergo extra cleaning. Thus a floor's practicality should be at the forefront of your mind when choosing an alternative for your home. One highly practical option, polished concrete, will make everyday life easier in various ways. 

Helps With Allergy Sufferers

If your family or friends have asthma or allergies, you can go through extra stress trying to care for them while keeping the house ultra pristine. In such situations, flooring that traps dust, such as carpet, or flooring that harbours mould, such as timber, only adds to the workload. Polished concrete, though, provides a hygienic, non-porous surface that doesn't hide such nasties. Any dirt or debris that collects on top can be quickly taken care of with a vacuum or microfibre mop. 

Resists Stains

If you like socialising or having people over, polished concrete will help to make these occasions more enjoyable. You won't need to worry about any spills, such as red wine, spoiling your evening. With a layer of sealant, these floors provide a highly stain-resistant surface. So long as you clean up the spills promptly, you shouldn't experience any problems. 


Fluffy cats and dogs may be gorgeous, but they have one habit they can't help—dispersing bits and pieces of their coat all over the house. Dealing with all this hair and fur can eat into your free time, especially if you need to extract it from within carpet fibres.  Polished concrete flooring won't harbour any of their fluff, which you can remove with a simple sweep. You'll be able to enjoy your pets' personalities more once their quirks are less inconvenient.

Lowers Energy Bills

At first glance, the connection between a reflective polished concrete floor and lower energy bills may not be immediately obvious; however, the link is there. Reflective flooring bounces light around a room, which translates to either not turning on artificial lighting during the day when you otherwise would or else using lower wattage globes than you would need to with matte flooring. Saving money on lighting costs means you can divert money to other enjoyable or useful areas.


With polished concrete, you won't need to waste your time on repeated maintenance tasks. For instance, you can forget about periodically shifting all the furniture around the house and hiring a steam cleaner to remove the gunk from within the carpet. You will need, however, to undertake relatively infrequent sealing. Some polished concrete surfaces require this only every decade or so, but check with your concrete contractors for their recommendations. 

To learn more about polished concrete, contact flooring professionals in your area.

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