Two Tips for Business Owners Who Plan to Build a Small Concrete Car Park for Their Staff Members

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If you plan to build a small concrete car park on your business premises for your employees, you might want to take a look at the advice presented here.

Use coloured concrete to indicate where each parking space is

When business owners build car parks, they will usually end up paying someone to paint parking lines on their finished structures. If this was the approach you were planning to take, you might want to reconsider it, and instead ask the concrete contractor to use coloured concrete to create rectangles in the areas where you want your staff to park their vehicles, and to then use plain concrete in the rest of the car park.

The reason for this is as follows; painted parking lines don't tend to last very long, particularly in car parks that are used regularly. Within a year or so of a car park being operational, its painted lines will usually have faded or become so badly marked by car tyres that the owner of the car park has to have them repainted. They will then have to repeat this process and incur this expense every year or two.

If you don't want to have to organise this work and pay for this painting service every year or so, then you should use coloured concrete to indicate the positions of the parking spaces, instead of painting lines in these spots. The colour of the concrete will not fade like painted lines tend to and will be just as effective at helping people to park correctly.

Follow the concrete contractor's advice regarding when it get it resealed  

Your concrete contractor will advise you regarding the frequency with which they believe the finished car park needs to be resealed. Their advice will be based on factors such as the climate in your area and the amount of vehicle traffic you expect the car park to be subjected to each day.

It is vital to heed their instructions regarding this matter, because if you keep pushing the resealing of the car park down your list of priorities, and you end up waiting an extra couple of years to get it done, your car park might meet its end far sooner than it should have, as it is the resealing process that shields the concrete from the physical damage that severe weather and heavy loads can inflict. In short, if you want this feature to stay standing for many years, you must ensure that you reseal it as often as this professional advises you to.

For more information about coloured concrete, talk to your concrete contractor.

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