Advantages of Using Mini-Mix Concrete

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If you are carrying out concreting work on your property, you are probably not looking forward to mixing your own concrete before you can get started. This article explores the benefits of using mini-mix concrete. Read on to find out more. 

Reduced Waste 

If you plan to mix the concrete from scratch, it can be difficult to judge exactly how much you will need. This often results in excess concrete which goes to waste. Not only is this bad for your wallet, but it is also bad for the environment. With mini-mix concrete, it is super easy to judge how much concrete powder you will need to produce a certain volume of concrete so you won't have to worry about waste. 

Consistent Results 

Another major benefit of mini-mix concrete is that it produces consistent results. Because this product contains the perfect amount of each ingredient, it produces concrete that is exactly the same size, thickness and composition each time. Although some people enjoy mixing concrete manually, this is very time-consuming. Not only is the work itself strenuous, but you also need to be extremely precise. This means that it is hard for most people to put in the hours of mixing required to create a mix which produces consistent results. If you use ready-mix concrete, you won't need to worry about getting the mix wrong and producing unusable concrete. 

Easy to Transport and Store 

When compared to wet concrete, ready-mix concrete is easy to transport and store. Wet concrete weighs more than ready-mixed, and you have a limited around of time to use it before it goes off. The bags of pre-mixed concrete are easy to stack on the back of a truck, which allows for the transportation and storage of large volumes of concrete. The concrete is ready to go whenever you need it. You simply need to add water to the mix.

Good Building Material 

Mini-mix concrete is used for a wide variety of projects. It is perfect for residential and commercial building work as it is light, strong and durable. Also, the different properties of concrete help make it ideal for any other construction project that you might have in mind. You can find many different types of ready-mixed concrete on the market. A supplier will be able to talk you through the different grades of concrete mix available to you.

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