How You Can Renovate Your Old Concrete Floor

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Do You Need to Assess the Concrete Around Your Property? Many modern homes contain concrete. However, if you haven't been carrying out regular assessments and inspections of the material, you have no idea if it has been compromised by corrosion or other types of damage. This blog is here to provide you with lots of useful info which will help you to check on the condition of the concrete around your home and to develop a good understanding of the different ways it can be repaired. I'm not a professional contractor but I have been learning all I can about concrete and I would like to share my new-found knowledge with the rest of the world.



Concrete flooring is common in many industrial areas, businesses and garages, along with lots of other more work-oriented spaces. Its tough exterior and great durability make it invaluable for lots of different people across industries and environmental conditions. However, eventually even concrete will show signs of wear and tear. If you want to renovate your flooring but don't like the idea of spending thousands of dollars removing concrete to then replace it with something else, then you should consider concrete polishing. Concrete polishing can create a whole new and exceptionally beautiful surface at a fraction of the cost or effort.

What Is Concrete Polishing?

Concrete polishing is a special service that dramatically changes the look of your concrete. First, the floor is ground down with varying levels of grit until it is exceptionally smooth. This gets rid of all the old cracks or discolouration on the floor and gets it ready for the sealing and final coats. These special coats have different bonds between chemicals that create a very reflective surface, almost like there is a thin layer of very clear water above your concrete. You have likely seen concrete polishing before, in museums or other businesses that are looking for a stylish finish.

Is It Still Strong?

Yes, even after it has been ground down a little bit and the crystal-clear finish has been applied, your concrete will still be very strong. The level taken off the top of your concrete is minimal, often just a couple of millimetres or even less. This can even increase the strength of your concrete by creating a seal on top so that no water or other liquids can get through and start eroding your flooring. If your current epoxy finish is looking like it is past its best days, then this could be a great way to update it and create a new look in the process.

Other Stylistic Flourishes

if you want to go even further and add some more style to your concrete polished floor, then you can add in more designs or change the color of your concrete. This is perfect for people who are sick of the way their current flooring looks but want to save a bit of cash in the process. Changing flooring completely can be expensive, but concrete polishing is one of the cheaper ways that retains the sought-after properties of the material beneath. 

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