Benefits of Restoring the Bricks on Your Home

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If the bricks on your home are looking somewhat crumbly and worn, you might be considering a brick restoration project. If you're on the fence about whether to go ahead, consider the following benefits such an upgrade will provide.

Stabilise the Walls

As brickwork grows old, the mortar can crumble and fall away, and the brick edges can wear down so that the contours of each brick are less clear and sharp. This deterioration is not just an aesthetic issue. It also affects the integrity of the wall. The brick restoration process involves removing crumbly and broken mortar and replacing it with new filling. Any brittle or loose bricks can also be replaced. This process ensures the wall's integrity, keeping everything stable.

Attractive Appearance

A brick restoration project will also enhance the brickwork aesthetically, highlighting the running bond pattern that bricks are typically laid in to form a wall. Replacing decayed mortar with fresh filling, called repointing, will neaten the building.

To make the wall more attractive, you could undergo another technique called tuckpointing. This involves inserting coloured mortar that matches the bricks into the joins. Then, a thin line of contrasting black or white mortar is applied over the top. The narrow straight line over the brick-coloured mortar gives the illusion of thin joins and absolutely straight bricks. As a result, the wall will look stunningly fine, precise, and even.

Repel Rain

Water is the arch enemy of buildings, as it can rot timber beams and wooden window frames. A brick restoration process will seal the walls and stop rain from leaking into the crumbly mortar. If moisture soaks into the wall, it can encourage mould and mildew to grow, leading to an unhealthy indoor atmosphere. You can close any gaps where water may enter with a brick restoration project.

Enhance Kerb View

A brick restoration project will also enhance your home's kerb appeal. The walls cover a large area, so a restoration project will have a massive impact. If you're considering selling the house, pristine brickwork will give a great first impression. Even if you're not, you can take pride in the attractive façade every time you enter your home.

Thus, a brick restoration project enhances a house both aesthetically and structurally. It stabilises walls and prevents rain from getting inside. Plus, it highlights an attractive brickwork design to enhance the kerb view, making your home more appealing to potential buyers.

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